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As we find our way through this unsettling and difficult period, it is important to remember that we will come through this together, and that Off The Record will continue to be here for you. As we are unable to provide in-person support we have tweaked some of our services to include an extended online service and telephone counselling. 

On this page you can find links to sign up to our counselling services and mental health information and support to help you cope during the coronavirus pandemic. 

Click here to sign up for free telephone counselling

Click here to sign up for free online counselling and workshops

Sleep Solutions

This workshop is a chance to problem-solve and work out what you need to do to get your sleep back on track.

2nd June @ 4pm

The Covid Calmdown

Join our regular calm down session and learn some relaxation techniques.

4th June @ 4pm

Finding your rhythm

This workshop provides a kickstart to your routine and a chance to consider what you want as we ease out of lockdown.

9th June @ 4pm

Latest video

I'm worrying about the future

Here are some mindfulness exercises to help you overcome negative thoughts and worry.

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I'm not sleeping well

We have tips if you're struggling with sleep and the effect it can have on your wellbeing.

Sleeping tips

I need help now

Visit our Need Help Now section for available helplines and some ideas of what might help you now.

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Croydon Service 020 8251 0251

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Young Carers Service 020 8649 9339

Mondays to Fridays 10am - 6pm

Sutton Service 020 8680 8899

Mondays to Thursdays 10am - 6pm & Fridays 2pm - 6pm

Merton Service 0203 984 4004

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