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Waiting for exam results days can bring on some diificult or mixed emotions. You might be feeling anxious and worried with thoughts about what your results could mean for your future. Remember that you're not alone. If you are feeling particularly stressed or low then Off The Record are here for you.

Before results day

We will be running free webinars every Thursday at 5pm. The webinars are non-judgemental spaces for you to connect with other young people; talk about your feelings, share your worries, get support or learn some ways to cope.

> Uncertain Futures
4th August, 5 - 6pm 

> Managing Pre-Results Day Feelings
11th August, 5 - 6pm

You can access our resources to help you understand anxiety:

> About anxiety - how to recognise anxiety
> Visualisation - exercises to help you keep calm

On results day

Whatever your results, you can drop in and chat in this non-judgemenal space with others who may be having similar experiences.

Our Support Line will be open Monday to Friday from 3pm - 6pm and Saturday from 10am - 1pm. If you want to talk about what’s going on for you and work through your thoughts and feelings, you can call us on 0800 980 7475.

Further support / resources

> A-level results day 2022: what to expect | The Uni Guide

Coping with low GCSE results | The Mix

Call us

Support Line 0800 980 7475

Monday - Friday, 3-6pm; Saturdays, 10am-1pm

Croydon Service 020 8251 0251

Merton Service 020 3984 4004

Sutton Service 020 8680 8899

Email us

General enquiries info@talkofftherecord.org