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What is anxiety?

We can all feel anxious from time to time and most people can relate to feeling nervous or stressed at the thought of sitting an exam or going to an interview. However, when these feeling build up and you experience anxiety on an ongoing basis, it can affect your sleep, appetite and ability to concentrate.

Anxiety can be experienced in different ways:

Generalised Anxiety Disorder - This causes a lot of worry and anxiety which makes day to day life difficult to cope with

Panic Attacks - These are feelings of extreme anxiety that cause attacks; making it difficult to breathe and usually last for about ten minutes.

Phobias - Cause you to feel nervous and panicky when faced with a specific situation or object

How do I know its anxiety?

If you are feeling anxious, you are likely to have a few of the following symptoms:

Physical Symptoms - fast or irregular heartbeats; stomach cramps; feeling sick or queasy –like you have ‘butterflies in your stomach’; feeling shaky; faint or wobbly; feeling weak; as though you might pass out and struggling to breathe.

Psychological Symptoms - Feeling worried all the time; feeling irritable; unable to concentrate and worried you are ‘losing your mind’.


There are many different factors which can cause anxiety, which include:

  • Relationship or family problems
  • Death or loss of a loved one
  • Experiences that occurred in childhood
  • Experiencing a major emotional shock following a stressful or traumatic event
  • Asthma, diabetes and hormonal issues

We can help you gain back control

If you are feeling anxious, the good news is that it is treatable and there are things that can be done to help reduce your feelings of anxiety. Whilst asking for help can be hard because talking about feeling anxious can make these feelings more real, telling someone what’s going on can help to reduce the pressure of anxiety and stress, as well as help you to feel less alone in how you are feeling.

Whatever the original cause of your anxiety, identifying how you feel and noticing when things trigger your anxiety are important first steps towards getting better and that’s what we can help you with.

You can make the first step by giving us a call.

Download our anxiety information sheet here

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