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In this section you can find links to information on issues you might be struggling with or just want to know more about.

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> Your mental health

Low mood and depression | Anxiety, stress and worries | Suicidal thoughts | Self-harm | Eating problems | Anger | Trauma | Mindfulness | Coping skillsView all topics

> Your body

Sleeping | Exercise and fitness | Eating wellMindfulness | Breathing | Chronic painView all topics

> Your identity

Disability | LGBTQIA+ | Neurodiversity | Migrant | Youth | Mental Health | Race and culture | Care experienced | Faith and religionView all topics

Featured topics

Cost of living crisis

Information and resources to help you through financial difficulty in the current crisis.


Coping with the news

With so much going on here are tips on how to manage distressing news content.


School, College and Uni

Get support for exam stress, result days and going to university.


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