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Ideas for eating well

We’re living through a time where healthy eating has become extremely popular and for some, the appetite for healthy foods is growing. As individuals, our eating habits are personal to us however it’s easy to get swept up into current food trends and movements.

It’s important that you find out what works for you as an individual in order to eat good and drink well to maintain a balanced diet.

While we are informed and encouraged to eat a healthy and balanced diet, there are barriers that makes this hard to achieve. We want to address some of these challenges and offer you some ideas that might help.

Getting motivated
Search on YouTube for meals you would like to try making yourself. There's numerous cooking channels and food influencers with ideas that might inspire you.

Meal Prep
You might have a busy schedule or lifestyle therefore struggle to make the time to prepare and eat a balanced meal. This might mean you’re regularly skipping breakfast or feel too tired to cook in the evening after a long day. This is where meal prep comes in. Meal preparation is the process of planning and preparing food dishes ahead of schedule.
Make a list of your favourite dishes; this can be lunch or dinner. Each week, decide which dishes you would like to eat and make a list of what you will need to buy. Cook and prepare the meals ahead of when you plan to eat them and store in the fridge or freezer until you're ready to eat.

Eating on a budget
Healthier food options are known to be more expensive therefore eating healthy can be less accessible for those on no/low income and no recourse to public funds. There are places where you can find cheaper food options, read here.

Social dining
You don’t always have to eat alone. When you can, eat with others. Eating together can have positive affects on our wellbeing especially when we spend this time with people we have positive relationships with. Share stories over a meal; discuss how your day went, what you achieved and what you found challenging.

Changing habits
We all have eating habits that have developed since we were young. If you grew up on a less nutritious diet you might find it hard to start eating a balanced diet. Try not to be hard on yourself and be patient with yourself, retraining your brain for new eating habits will need a bit of work.

For some of us, a response to our stress or boredom is eating. Sometimes we look for food that makes us feel happy, but if we indulge in them often they might not be good for our health. If you do find yourself eating out of boredom, try keeping a fruit or healthy snack with you. You can also keep a glass or bottle of water next to you so you’re hydrated and getting your eight cups a day.

It might also help to check in with yourself - consider whether your hunger is physical or emotional and give your cravings the time to pass.

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