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Black History Month competition

The winner of our 2020 Black History Month competition was “Say it like you mean it” by Ashleigh. A spoken word that comments on the nuances of allyship and performative reactions to the recent momentum of BLM.

Creative Competition

Off the Record opened a creative competition asking young people to create a piece of art that expresses how they've been feeling during the first lockdown. The competition prize was a £50 voucher and the winning piece was displayed on our social media platforms. Click on the titles below to view all entries in the competition.

> Lonely Alone by Immnuael (Winner)

> Sunflowers by by Pavey (Runner up)

> Looking for the right path by Nathanael (Runner up)

> The Misconceptions of Me by Rebekah

> Love Ya So Much I Could Give You My Soul by Leire

> KnittedByTyra by Tyra

> Freedom & nature by Autumn-Amaya

> Head in the clouds by Omar


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