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Love Ya So Much I Could Give You My Soul

You know you are one self… It is hard to imagine that when I wake up you will be beside me and you will not be there, to wipe all the tears that slowly fall down my cheeks. And I don’t see you surrounding be because you are millions of kilometres away from me. I want to see you again I want to split all those horrendous distances which split you and me. I want to see you again, I cannot say how much I way waiting for this moment however, it is likely that I will not be able to hug you every time I do when I break that distance, when I go across those doors which every time I feel those butterflies in my stomach are the most beautiful thing.

But guess what? I know I’m not alone because in this because I have enough with thinking of you and knowing that you will be near me that all that love has not yet gone the distance as long as it can last sooner or later breaks away I’m learning to cope with not living next to you, I am learning to relate everything back to those wonderful moments. I know that your eyes still shine in my heart and will keep myself as nearer as I can of you. Sooner or later two souls that love each other end up reuniting.

I know I may not have been the perfect couple, the perfect friend or the perfect sister, the perfect daughter but every day I wake up I think of you and you encourage me. I know I am not an artist but you know I love myself with my imperfections, that is what makes most valuous and most. But every single bit of my time is dedicated to you because I am away for you.

My home… The most comforting place I have ever been to at the moment, it is not possible but I know that sooner or later everything will go back to as it was. That’s the only thing I have been hoping for but all the pain at the moment, will repay all the tears for a huge smile shown up in my expression.

How do you feel during this lockdown?

Leire: It has been such a hard time. Not being able to return home, not seeing friends and family and sometimes feeling that I have lost the essence that made me feel part of me. This is a unique piece of writing which might be interpreted in any way possible, loosing home, loosing a person, feeling lost etc. This is not a poem neither a story, I am not an artist I just want people to interpret this as an identification for the hard time and feel that there is light at the end of a dark tunnel. I would also say, that my writing also includes that as humans we might also fight for things that we miss.

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