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Making a referral to the Refugee Service

If you are referring a young person, please read the following guidance. 

Off The Record provides counselling services to young people aged 14-25 that live, work, study or registered with a GP in Croydon

The refugee service specialises in counselling for refugees, asylum seekers and or forced migrants with low to medium psychological distress such as depression, anxiety/stress, some/low risk presentations of PTSD, loss or bereavement, sleep problems, transition or adjustment and isolation.  

We are unable to provide a crisis service so if the young person is experiencing more high-risk symptoms such as auditory or visual hallucinations, is actively suicidal, has a mental health condition that seriously impacts their daily functioning or has delusional, paranoid or unusual thoughts they will need to be referred to their GP or the local A&E department.

Before you refer the young person to Off The Record, please make sure: 

  • The young person meets the criteria for accessing our service 

  • You have read and  given our ‘Counselling’ leaflet to the young person (it is translated into 9 languages) to ensure that they are clear on what counselling can and cannot offer. 

  • The young person is willing and able to attend weekly sessions or they are supported to attend, 

  • The young person understands that counselling involves talking about their life and any difficulties they may be experiencing which can sometimes bring up difficult or upsetting topics. 

When completing the referral form please give as much information as you can so that we can help the young person in the best way possible. Incomplete forms will be returned which will delay the referral. 

Completed forms should be returned via email to RASS@talkofftherecord.org

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